Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Third World Dark Ages Have Arrived

I am on such a tear this morning. First I read that the number of MIDDLE INCOME ($48,000 - $85,000) persons without health insurance has increased by 40%! Then I think about the Texas School Board, and I'm apoplectic. What is wrong with this state and this country? We are becoming so third world.....AND.....the Dark Ages have come to Texas.

How can we allow a few fundamentalist right wingers to totally re-write history?? How can we allow our neighbors, co-workers, friends, and children to be left with NO health insurance?? Where is the outcry? Why aren't we marching?

Here's the problem: The Centrists and Liberals who support Health Care Reform and objective reporting of history just aren't irrational and emotional enough. We think that SURELY people will see the insanity of what's happening. We talk rationally about it.....try to persuade with facts.....feel morally superior......meanwhile, we are getting our butts kicked!!

Until we are willing to meet the insanity and over-the-top emotion with the same level of power, we will continue to see a few totally bulldoze the majority. I'm not saying that we have to be insane or totally irrational. BUT, and this is VERY important, we MUST be willing to get back in their faces and shout them down, bullhorns and all.

There's a saying in AA....insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. That is what we are doing. We keep trying to persuade the Right to be rational, objective. NEVER gonna happen. Where is our Glen Beck? Where is our Rush Limbaugh? Come on, have to give it to 'em....they know how to get folks riled up! We, on the other hand, are pitiful. And Obama isn't helping. He could use a few lessons from the Right on how to get his troops mobilized. As it is, we are SUNK!

As it is, a few radical extremist folks will set the direction for this entire nation. And I am not speaking of Conservatives. I'm speaking of the one or two on the Texas School Board Commission, the few in the Senate and House, the one or two who know how to work the media. Until we learn from their tactics, we will continue to have our faces pushed in the dirt. Is that where you want to be?? Not me.

I'm ready to march. Anyone want to go with me?