Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Terror on Tuesday

This has been a day of high emotion, and it's only 10:30 a.m. My older brother, Bill, would have turned 64 today had he lived, and there was a shooting at UT Austin, where my daughter is in school. The school is still on lock down as I write this, with one shooter dead and police searching for another suspect.

Even though this incident in no way compares to other mass shootings i.e., Columbine, West Virginia, I am a wreck. My daughter is right next door to the library where the first shooter killed himself, and I will not breathe easily again until the outcome of the 2nd suspect is determined.

When I texted her originally, she replied, "Chill, Mom. All the doors are locked." As if that could stop someone with an AK47???? Yeah, just chill. I think I'll go throw up, instead.

UT did an outstanding job of alerting everyone and shutting down the campus in record time. Leslie is in with 200 other kids in this auditorium-style class and has no idea how long she has to stay there.

More later, as I know more. I was going to write a nice tribute to my brother, which I will do, but not until I know Leslie is totally out of harm's way and OFF that campus.

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