Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Good Day

One of Promise House's former residents friended me on Facebook this week. How cool is that? Seems that he successfully graduated from high school and is now in college! I was sort of holding my breath when I asked him how he is doing, cause sometimes it's a crapshoot with young people--but when he replied, "Great!", I breathed a silent sigh of relief and felt such maternal pride it was as if I had been the one who was responsible for his success! Well, we all know that's not the case, but that is how excited I get when I hear from our kids who have left, especially if they are doing so well.

Moments such as these keep me plugging away for quite some time. We root and pull so hard for all our kids and many times never get to know how the story turns out. So to hear a story that is turning out well is that much more special.

All in all, I'd say a good day.

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