Thursday, October 8, 2009

Two for Three

Promise House was recently notified by the Department of Health and Human Services that we are funded for another three years for our Basic Center (for the Shelter) and Street Outreach grants. Our transitional living grant that we have through DHHS is a five year grant and is not up for competition for several years. We are currently in the middle of getting our HUD (US Dept. of Housing and Development) renewal grant finished, and then we get a break for a while.

As crazy as the government makes me sometimes, Promise House could not function without its funding. Government grants are bigger dollar amounts and last longer than foundation, corporate, or individual contributions; and at the federal level anyway, they are fairly easy to manage. These grants will always be part of our diversified funding streams (unless the government nixes them), along with foundations, corporations, faith-based groups, and individuals.

So thanks, DHHS, for the vote of confidence and the funds. With your help, we will keep on truckin'.

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