Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I recently met a man who creates puzzles. It got me thinking. Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles. They are all around us. I'm constantly trying to figure things out, answer the why, understand how the puzzle works. So I thought I'd let you be privy to some things I find puzzling (in no particular order):
  • How the richest nation in the world can have 24% of its children living in poverty
  • How Texas can be ok being the 2nd highest state in the union for families at risk of hunger
  • How advocates of abstinence only education can actually think it works
  • How this country can allow 41,000,000 people to be without health insurance
  • Why 6,000 teens run away every year in Dallas
  • How we can spend a billion dollars on a new football stadium and let thousands of our neighbors remain hungry and homeless
  • Why the Dallas Morning News puts the Cowboys on the front page
  • How to get you to recognize, advocate for, and help homeless and runaway teens
  • How to change your perspective about teens
  • Why a 17 year old with a child would get pregnant again (I think I know how)
  • Why some kids make it out of their horrible situations and some don't
  • How one PH teen can do great in the program and another totally bomb out
  • How a listening ear can change a young person's life

These are just a few of the puzzles I ruminate over. There are probably as many more that I could add as there are minutes in a day. But, I don't want your eyes to glaze over.

If you have any answers, let me know.

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