Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One Promising Teen At A Time

So here is a happy story. A 17 year old girl who was in the custody of the state came into Promise House about a month ago. She was getting ready to turn 18, which meant that she would be out of care and on her own; and, unfortunately, all of our transitional living slots were full.

Consequently, our shelter staff sprang into action to make sure she would NOT be on her own when she turned 18. Here is what they did before her birthday:
  1. Helped her talk to her aunt to see if she could stay with her temporarily
  2. Helped her take her GED test
  3. Assisted her in completing applications to community colleges
  4. Got her enrolled in Tyler Community College
  5. Got financial aid lined up for her through the college
  6. Helped her apply for the Promise House Blake Davis Memorial Scholarship for higher education
  7. Gave her school supplies, clothes, and hygiene products to take with her
  8. Got her signed up for mainstream services (Medicaid, SSI, etc.)
  9. Threw her a birthday party with a big cake
  10. Gave her a big hug and wished her luck when she left.
  11. Told her to call if and when she needed help.

She starts school in January. This is how we change lives at Promise House. One promising teen at a time.

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